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Offer physical therapy exercises to patients on the go

Primary care providers offer different services to their patients, but previously have only made referrals to Physical Therapy for musculoskeletal injuries.

In-person Physical Therapy is a significant time and financial investment, which is why many of these patients don’t go.  Those patients who could benefit (“weekend warriors”!) don’t always believe it’s worth their time.  

In fact, only 9.6% of patients who need PT

ever actually attend.

EnlightenPT makes it possible to prescribe common therapy exercises to your patients that can be viewed from their phone, tablet, or computer.  You can follow their progress easily which improves patient compliance and enhances recovery.

What Does EnlightenPT Offer?


Customized Plans

Dozens of exercises for your provider to choose from to build a plan designed for your needs.

Guided Instruction

Each exercise video is led by a Board-Certified Physical Therapist explaining proper exercise technique.


Daily Reminders

The number one cause of rehab failure is patients forgetting to complete exercises.  Reminders are pushed daily to your phone/email. 

Increased Efficiency

Get started with exercises right away without waiting for another appointment.  


Real Feedback

Your provider can keep tabs on your progress and review progress in follow up calls or visits.

Reduced Exercise Errors

Video instruction provided by Physical Therapists.  Handouts or diagrams have resulted in TWICE as many exercise errors compared to video instruction.

Accessible Anywhere

Web-based program can be viewed on any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

See Progress

Set goals to keep you motivated, watch your metrics grow.  Good for both patients and providers.


Print/Save Therapy Plan

Provider can upload a record of exercises, progress and more to your medical record–or print for your records at home.

Free Download

Our white paper takes a more in-depth look at how EnlightenPT can help your patients learn exercises, stay compliant, pay for itself, and even add to your bottom line.

How it works

Provider Creates Plan

The provider prescribes exercises (pre-built plan or customize your own) based on the patient’s injury.  The patient gets access to videos of exercises for guidance/instruction.

Patient Text/Email Reminders

Since compliance with any home exercise can be a problem, patients get convenient email or text reminders to complete the exercises as prescribed.

Patient Follows Up

Patients follow up in office or over the phone to report on their progress.  If they’re better: mission accomplished!

If they’re still having trouble, then a formal PT referral or additional testing is justified.

Benefits of EnlightenPT

Reduce Barriers to Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy can be expensive, inconvenient, and sometimes unavailable–some patients just can’t go.

Not every patient needs formal in-person Physical Therapy with all treatment modalities; many just need good therapeutic exercise plans.  With EnlightenPT, patients can conveniently complete video-guided therapeutic exercise as their schedule allows under the supervision of their own medical provider. 

Reduce Non-Compliance

Non-compliance rates with physical therapy are as high as 60%.  This is due to cost, lack of access, lack of faith…the list goes on. 

EnlightenPT is cheaper than a PT copay, provides reminders and clear instruction, can be viewed from any internet-connected device, and shows individual compliance statistics to providers to keep patients motivated.

Journal Support for @ home PT services

Home PT with video instruction has been studied and has been found to create equal if not more opportunity for success than verbal instruction or weekly PT appointments.  See for yourself; articles link to PubMed:

Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, 2017

International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, 2016

Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 2016

Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 2015


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