Learn how EnlightenPT can add value to your current practice model and improve patient satisfaction without costing you time

The Practice Value of EnlightenPT

Prescribe at-home exercise programs to patients in place of repeat, in-office PT, without slowing down your clinic workflow.

90% of patients who need exercise rehabilitation don’t take the time to attend PT appointments.  A significant amount of patients view recurrent visits as a burden and might not go at all.

Prescribe exercises for your patients to complete on their own time, as their schedule allows to get them back to their normal routine.  

EnlightenPT’s video instruction guides your patients through their rehab all from the comfort of their own home.



Customized Exercise Plans

Chose from our library of exercises to create a custom program for your patient according to their needs.


Guided Instruction

Each video led by a licensed physical therapist, explaining exercises in detail to ensure patients are conducting exercises correctly.


Follow Patient Progress

Each time a patient completes their exercises, your dashboard is updated–when the patient follows up, you can review compliance and see progress.



Revenue Opportunity

Capture revenue from patients who might not otherwise come to a PT appointment. 

Offer EnlightenPT remote therapy after one in-person visit for a reasonable price; create a rehab opportunity for them and an additional revenue stream for your practice.

Reduced Exercise Errors

Written or illustrated instruction resulted in TWICE the number of exercise errors when compared to video.  Our videos provide clear instruction and are available for review whenever your patient needs.


Accessible Anywhere

Patient exercise plans and provider dashboards are available from any device, from anywhere–just sign in on your device to check progress or make changes if needed.



Daily Reminders

Exercises can slip patient’s minds, so we send email and text reminders to keep your patients on track.


Therapy Plan Downloads

Download the prescribed therapy plan to include in patient charts; if an injury persists, you can forward a copy to the Physical Therapist so they know what’s been completed.

Sample Video from EnlightenPT Exercise Library

Free Download

Learn more about how EnlightenPT can provide rehab exercise opportunity for your patients.  It’s a win-win all around:

  • Flat-rate billing for providers/offices
  • Coding opportunities for patient visits
  • Increased patient compliance 
  • Improved access
  • Immediate access, no waiting for referrals to be made
  • No significant out-of-pocket expense



Pricing is always transparent and straightforward.  No contracts, no hidden fees: one flat rate per month.  Any future upgrades are yours, included in the monthly cost.

Journal Support

Video instruction of Physical Therapy exercise programs has long been studied, with great results.  Findings include fewer exercise errors, increased compliance, higher patient satisfaction due to multi-modal communication with their providers. All studies have shown it is at least as effective as in-person rehab, and all have shown cost savings to the patient.

Journal Support


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