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What You’ll Learn

Current State of PT

It’s needed but vastly under-utilized.  We explain why and how EnlightenPT can bridge the gap.

How to Prescribe Exercises with EnlightenPT

As providers, the last thing you need is another complicated workflow.  EnlightenPT makes prescribing exercises easy and efficient.

Features of EnlightenPT

The EnlightenPT software is intuitive and easy to use across all users: Providers, Patients, and Staff.

Effectiveness of Video Instruction

Video instruction has proven to be as accurate and easy-to-follow as in-person with regards to proper execution of therapeutic exercise

Tracking Progress

Following patient progress is easy through the EnlightenPT dashboard.  The ability to see patient progress helps keep patients compliant.

Practice Revenue Opportunity

Your practice can not only offset subscription cost but also generate an additional stream to help the bottom line.


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